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FTPs Concept

Much today says regarding Internet or the (wide web world) world-wide net of computers. Through this article we go in such a way to display the two concepts of web as of Internet. But, you must be if asking: which the difference of concept between Internet and Web? When we relate in them to the concept of Internet we are in relating to a concept of computer network linked between itself, when we relate in them to a concept and web we relate to a great net of resources that the Internet offers. The Internet consists of a world-wide net of linked computers of the following form: All the nets of the Internet function under an only protocol of nets, that is, are different nets with different technologies, however with a standard of equal net the call Protocol TCP/IP. All the machines when they connect the Internet through a supplier inside generate a number of this net: the IP. Through this number it is possible if to identify to any on computer the same Internet or any net that is using the Internet.

When registering this IP together with the supplier of access or ISP, connects the same it to a global net of IPs, or machines, controlled for a called ogo Iccan, thus forming a net of linked nets between itself. This net, in contrast of what much people imagine, total is identified through its numbers of IP that each user has when entering in the Internet. The IP consists of a definitive numerical formation for a standard. Two standards and formation of IPs in the market exist: the IPv4 currently in exhaustion process, and the IPv6 in process of implantation in some countries. The Web consists of a net of resources disponibilizadas through the great world-wide net of computers as pages, sites, blogs, among others websites; programming languages as PHP and ASP; pages in format HTTPS (pages with security protocol); among others resources. Therefore when if it speaks of Internet, if it speaks of a linked computer network between itself with resources as: e-mails, FTPs, among others. When it is said of Web, is said of a net of disponibilizados resources as sites, programming languages, among others. That is, even so differences between concept of Web and Internet exist, exist a certain similarity in what it intends to transmit, that is, as much a concept as the other would be of a linked net with possibility of access in any part of the world.

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