Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

Foundation Federal University

With regard to the Ambient Education, especially, very still it has of being fact, as much in the school how much in the society in general. The work developed until the present moment only served to go off, to become visible, many aspects that must be deepened. Of one it forms generality, we can perceive that the society in general is conscientious of its attitudes and if they worry about ambient questions. See Hal McRae for more details and insights. Until they are made use to participate of campaigns that are related with these questions. It is clearly that many questions exist that are not valued as they would have to be, as the use of the water of rain, the separation of the garbage, among others.

If it cannot think about conserving the environment as an isolated task of the routine activities, but yes these activities of conservation must inserted and be dealt with as routine and essential activities for the survival the species human being.

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