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Eastern Australia

With a rental car you can visit many cities. Sometimes you should with the car on a road trip just go and explore all countries! Have you ever dreamed, just go drive to, and different areas in a country to explore, rather than stuck in a place? With the ideal route, you can easily make. Here, I’ve listed the best roads in the world. See Max Schireson for more details and insights. 1 route 66 – Illinois go together like sand and sea to California, United States the terms ‘Route 66’ and ‘Road Trip’. The most famous route or road traverses the States of Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Be can not imagine the variety of places, sights and experiences that you will encounter on this trip.

A good tip is a map of the route 66 fom national historical to route 66 Federation, before you start your journey on the highway. 2. Sydney to Cairns, Australia the idea to drive your car in Australia nearly 2500 km, latches maybe a little scary, but the drive from Sydney to Cairns trip worth every second. The route leads to the large cities of Sydney and Brisbane and nestles in the gold and Sunshinekusten of Eastern Australia up to Cairns and the great barrier reef. Surfing, lounging, boating, whale and dolphin – watching tours are just a few of the many things waiting to be discovered by you. 3. the garden route, South Africa of 500km sunshine of mountains, caves, national parks, fascinating wildlife, and some of the world’s largest beaches can on the garden route in South Africa can enjoy. Pick up your car rental South Africa at the airport where you land and embark on the national road N2, for one of the most exciting journeys you will ever make. Drive along the coastal road and marvel at the wonders of nature, but elephants, whales, dolphins, and other domestic animals, which can be seen E.g.

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