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Verisign Information

In your case: on the main page, tell the visitor about the surprise, which is hidden on the site, and if he could detect hidden thing – he would go on sale or will receive a free item. 24. Make sure that the information content of the site exactly. The network has a lot of misinformation. Visitors will find your site, especially if it has links. 25. Pay attention to grammar. Check spelling and punctuation is also important.

Of course visitors will stay on your site, but some may go away if the text is illiterate, and will not understand that you select and what aktsentiruete. 26. Secure shopping cart. Yes, it's obvious, but you'd be surprised how many sites do not offer a shopping cart. If the site is not a given module, the user will be forced to record information about product that delivers the inconvenience. A good program shopping cart allows visitors to view the contents of the basket, the amount of change and remove products at any time. 27.

Safety of the buyer on the site. All more than half of all buyers do not buy online because they fear being cheated. There are a lot of trust building tools such as Verisign and BBBonline. Make sure that visitors and customers know that your site safe. 28. Suggest feature to the visitor. Place on the site condition, for example, if you are on the site, we reserve the product for two hours. 29. Expand your visitors. If you sell goods online, but sales did not go. Provide the visitor an interesting read, thought-provoking. Sometimes visitors do not even know what they want and do not believe in buying the goods. Give them information – and they will come to you. 30. Not every bird flies. Use Software software that would determine what information or part of a site visitor accesses. So you can decide how to build a media content on the site correctly and comfortably. Rarely do it right the first time, but gradually improve the popularity of the site. If a visitor came to your site, you need to keep it there. Website development and promotion.

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