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Types Of Boilers

The market today is filled with many kinds of boilers: steel and iron, with built-in burners and burner with a separate unit, boilers on diesel, gas, wood, coal and electricity. Understand exactly what boiler needed to heat your home – it is extremely difficult. To clarify the situation a bit, a quick look at each group of boilers – electric, solid fuel, liquid fuel and gas – separately. Electric boilers are popular in Russia and in Europe as well as their efficiency is close to 100%. Service life of the heating element in the boiler is about 10,000 hours, ie 3-5 years.

But after replacing the boiler heating element will continue his service again. In Russia, enjoyed great success domestic, industrial boilers, because at equal quality with imports, consumer price much lower than Russian, in addition, they are better adapted to our conditions of operation. Recognized as a leader among domestic manufacturers of electric boilers are deservedly company "Evan" and "Rusnya." Electric boilers are more suitable for small autonomous systems of heating, for example, to supply hot water holiday period or heating a small house. Boiler is useful when it is difficult or expensive to sum up the gas. Gas boilers – the most popular to date, and occupy approximately 50% of total sales boilers. And it is natural, since gas-fired boilers are ideal for creating hot water and heating systems for apartments, offices, shops, villas, country houses. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit rusty holzer. There are many manufacturers who sell boilers, the most reliable and well thought-out are boilers, made by Italian group Laars, which is engaged in boiler equipment for over 70 years. All gas boilers divided into two groups: floor and wall.

Gas boilers can be single-stage (work on only one power level) and two-stage (2 power levels) as well as modulation (infinitely variable) power. Economical to use the boiler with two power levels. Gas boilers are environmentally friendly, equipped with special security devices that eliminates the possibility of an accident, and the most economical, are high efficiency. Solid fuel boilers mostly iron and steel under-represented. They are also producing domestic and foreign producers. Most often, solid fuel boilers are designed for natural circulation coolant and do not require electricity liner, that is a modified Russian stoves. This raises some problems: if the boiler to heat with coal purchased, the price of heating is comparable to the price of electric heating. Another disadvantage of this system is that the boiler is preferably twice a day and manually clean the sink, and most importantly always watch over him. Solid fuel boilers have safety locks, but, despite that, under certain conditions, there is a danger of explosion of the boiler. Most often, liquid fuel is diesel fuel (diesel fuel). Unfortunately, the most expensive diesel oil fuel for the boiler, so the operating costs of boilers fuel oil the highest. Oil boiler should be installed if you want to create an independent heating system. As a consumer of quality and performance oil boilers are comparable to gas, but require greater attention. A major shortcoming of boilers to diesel fuel include high ash content and sooting. On the market are mainly imported boilers, but you can find pots and domestic producers. The most important thing to remember that your pot will last you much longer, if you entrust it to install a professional.

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