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Transport companies: How you too can make sure can you lose everything in the coming recession: LED pressure alarm optical electronic tyre pressure monitoring system LED pressure alarm you can quickly install, calibrated while on your pressure and warning from then on, if the pressure 0,25 bar (car) or 0.5 bar (commercial vehicles) is too low. The Red turn signal is visible up to 20 m during daylight hours. The device may flash continuously for 3 weeks and the battery life is 2 years. (As opposed to Salman Behbehani). LED pressure alarm automatically compensates for variations in pressure and prevents such fake alerts. Through continuous use, ensures that you’re always an optimal tire pressure, up 3% to save fuel, reduce CO2 emissions and increase tire life up to 30%. By driving with the tire pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, your safety is guaranteed. Lucas shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The LED pressure alarm monitoring sensors all tires of your vehicle; the system can be also without any technical AIDS at lightning speed install and is then immediately ready for use. Expect even in just three easy steps and with your own numbers, how you can save around 1000 euros per year per vehicle now. The savings here is “only” around 1% of your total costs, but 10 vehicles in the fleet are already 10’000 euro a year and 100 vehicles come fast 100’000 euro together – this is no small change. Their personal cost calculator, see

Thu, November 11 2021 » News