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The Words

You cut the red ribbon at the front door, but Buyers have not yet seen. About your store, they still do not know, and we must first attract them, then to make happy. You can do a few blogs devoted to the elephants, at every appropriate forum to make a topic about elephants enthusiasts interested intermediaries. Advertise on special systems. But it's obvious. That you yourself do, to the extent of his desires and abilities. But we are interested in are still those shoppers that are looking for elephants through the search, driving the phrase 'to buy the elephant' or 'elephant rosy'.

The difference between them is that they are already looking for elephants, and converted his shop right, you get much better results, for which do not have to have every day, led dances in social networks (although to give them up is not worth it) Learn more about search engines. The first rule of thumb: Make your website (store) for their visitors, and he is the best for search engines. The second rule is: Learn what recommend search engines, rather than recommend that the cunning SEOs. And then look what SEOs recommend cunning. Search engines are guided by the words.

The text. To the content. The text should match your theme (Elephants), it should be more, it must be written by you or a good lover of elephants. It must be less than water. Oddly enough, a good text is interesting for buyers and is effective for search engines simultaneously.

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