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for organ transplantation), for the treatment of tuberculosis, for the treatment of epilepsy, cortisone or flu and decongestants. For a longer duration of treatment was that the incidence of certain increase serious side effects to the part and can occur for the training of habituation and drug dependency shown for certain appetite suppressants. For this reason, it is important that you follow the Reductil information regarding indications, dosage and duration of treatment. If shortness of breath or shortness of breath occur during treatment or an occur during load shortness of breath worsen, is to discontinue the treatment immediately and consult a doctor. If you are known to be a heart murmur or heart valve disease. should not take Reductil, because certain appetite suppressants as possible with risk factors in the development of valvular diseases considered be drawn when they are taken in the long term or in higher doses than recommended, or at the same time together with other appetite suppressants. Talk to your doctor or health care professional.

During treatment with Reductil, an increased risk there may be bleeding to occur. If you a tendency to bleeding or if you at the same time taking medicines, that affect the coagulation or platelet function, you should talk before taking Reductil with your doctor or health care professional. Depression and suicidal tendencies observed in rare cases in patients, which in prehistoric times already depression were, occurred under the treatment with Reductil behavior changes, up to commit suicide. Already depressed phases when you are encountered in the past, you should especially carefully during treatment with Reductil be. Signs of depression (emotional upset) occur during the treatment, inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately or Your doctor or pharmacist, so can be considered a discontinuation of Reductil and the beginning of a suitable treatment in consideration. This medicine may affect the responsiveness, the ability to drive and the ability to use tools or machines! Medicines should not be used generally with alcohol.

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