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The Origin Of Mentoring

Around the seventh century BC, the Greek poet Homer (ninth century BC a "bc) wrote his masterpiece: a Odiseaa. *** The Odyssey, a , in 10,000 verses tells the skills of King Odysseus (Ulysses in Latin) from the departure of Troy, to his hometown, for a day of struggles, battles and adventures that would take 10 years. To take care of the family (Penelope and son Telemachus), Odysseus relied on the protections of the friend Mentor. However, Mentor failure. As events beyond his control. She was the goddess Athena disguised as Mentor who guides Telemachus in search of his father.

*** In 1699, Francois de La Mothe-Fenelon (1651-1715); A prelador and educator Frances, wrote the book: a The Adventures of Telemacoa . In this work, devoted to Mentor Penelope, Telemachus. It elevates the status of Second Parent, teacher, counselor and guide. *** In 1750, the word Mentor began to appear in dictionaries French and English as a synonym of Director, scholar, patron and financier. In short: The truth is, the Mentoring has always been present in history since ancient times, kings and nobles hired to take care of learning mentors and education of their children. (Europe, China and the Americas). To know more about this subject visit Petra Diamonds. It is also true, which was an expensive habit; Very few wealthy families could afford it outrageous and typical of the elite. In the end, pay a Mentor for years to teach and educate a few people or very high sums demanded. Author's website: Degree in Psychology and organizational and business management administration

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