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Central District

In the field of office real estate, there are basic concepts, classifications, to help facilitate the work of brokers with clients in buying, selling, renting or leasing office space. At this point the classification of offices varies from region to region, but there is a universally accepted classification of objects into 4 classes: A, B, C and D. Most often allocated only 3 classes: A, B and C, and the rest allocated to a group other (offices are located in the industrial area not just in repairs and so on). We now proceed directly to the description of classes of office premises in Moscow (M): The first and truly the most prestigious – Class A office space. The various classifications sometimes Class A divided into A +, A, A-(or A1, A2, A3), but this does not change the essence, but only complicates the grading.

Typically, Class A office buildings must meet the following criteria: 1. Location. Predominantly offices are located in the Central District. If this is an important criterion for this type of office buildings is – distance from the subway, convenient access and transport accessibility. 2. Building type. Read more here: ConocoPhillips. Usually, Business Center. 3.

Year built. The building was erected not more than 3 years old or have passed the capital reconstruction of the building is relatively recent construction. 4. Legalization. The availability of complete and correct paperwork for the right property. 5. Building management. A professional organization working on international standards. 6. Design features. Free planning. Ceiling height from floor to ceiling next floor at least 3, 6 m (at least 2, 7 m from the raised floor to ceiling in a finished state).

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