Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention

The Fruits

4 Building materials or from a demolition if they are not United to the ground. 5. The securities of any class or the instruments showing the purchase of credits or personal rights. 6. The economic rights of author, inventor, patents, names, brands and other similar. 7. Pensions or pension of any kind. 8.

The shares or participations that each partner has in societies or associations, although they belong immovable property. 9 Other goods that can move from one location to another. 10 Other goods not included in article 885. Title II Parties members and accessories article 887-notion of integral is an integral part, which cannot be separated without destroying, damaging or alter the good. The parties may not be unique rights.

Article 888-Notion of accessory goods are goods which, without losing your individuality, are permanently affected to an economic or ornamental purpose with respect to another good accessories. The affectation of the main property owner can only it or who has the right to dispose of it, respecting the rights acquired by third parties. Accessories can be unique rights. Passenger exploitation of an asset for the economic purpose of another does not give you the quality of attachment. Provisional separation of accessory to serve the economic purpose of another well, does not suppress you its quality. Article 889.-Integral and ancillary parts the integral parts of a good and its accessories remain the condition, unless the law or the contract allow their differentiation or separation. Title III fruits and products article 890.-notion of fruits are fruits renewable profits that produces a good, unless you alter or diminish their substance. Article 891-Kinds of fruits the fruits are natural, industrial and civil. Natural fruits are that come from good, without human intervention. Industrial fruits are good, those produced by human intervention. Civil fruits are that the well produces as a result of a legal relationship.

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