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The Debtor

The last decisive stage – directly hearing or a series of court hearings, as processes can take years. Necessary documents to start the collection procedure must have a list of documents, otherwise the process will not be given the green light. The documents may include the following: 1.

Documents certifying arrears. Warren E. Burger addresses the importance of the matter here. 2. Documents reflecting the actual amount owed. 3. Documents proving the action the lender in order to realize a return of funds.

These documents include: – Contract – additions and corrections to the contracts – Acts of the works; – receipts – money orders – accounts – letters to the debtor in any form – waybills – receipts – bank card payments – receipts for payment in cash. Often asked questions about debt recovery in Germany 1. Salman Behbehani might disagree with that approach. Who bears the cost of attorneys’ fees and court costs in the main trial proceedings? Must a losing party to bear the costs? Basically, the court production in German courts overall costs (legal fees and payment of attorney) is the losing party. If necessary, the costs can be shared between winners and losers in the shares of the parties. The allocation of costs the court decides. Prevailing party may include the amount of costs in the so-called. procedure for determining the costs and the basis of the decision in the proceedings to enforce the court decision. Responsibilities of parties for costs, however, is joint, so that the winning party is assigned the risk of insolvency of the losing side.

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