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The Children

They teach to its we queensinamos it children to ours: that the land is ours mother. Everything what to happen to the Land, she will also happen to the children of the land. If the men cospem in the ground, are cuspindoem itself same. Of this we know: the land does not belong to the man; the man que belongs to the land. Of this we know: all on things then as osangue that it joins a family. It has a linking in everything. What it occurs with the land will fall again on the children of the land. Ohomem did not weave the teia of the life: it is simply one of its wires.

Everything quefizermos to the fabric, will make the man exactly itself. Exactly the white man, whose God walks and speaks as it deamigo for friend, cannot be exempt of the common destination. He is possible we quesejamos brothers, although everything. We will see. Of a thing we are certain (and homembranco will be able to come to discover one day): God is one Only, any that is nomeque gives to it. Vocs can think they possess that It, as they desire to possess nossaterra; but it is not possible. It is the God of the man and its compassion is equal for ohomem white and for the red man.

The land it is precious feriz it to desprezar its Creator. The white men also will pass; perhaps more early doque all the other tribes. They contaminate its beds, and a night proper dejections will be sufocadospelos. ' ' But when of its disappearence, vocs brilharointensamente, illuminated for the force of the God brought that them to this land and poralguma special reason gave the domain to them on the land and homemvermelho. This destination is a mystery for we, therefore we do not understand that todosos buffalos are exterminados, the wild horses are all domados, osrecantos private of the forests dense impregnated I smell of it of many men, ea vision of the mounts obstructed for wires that speak.

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