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Autonomous power supply of phones with Dynamo – solar cover having Swiss inventor Enrico Kranzlin, Claude Scheibler and Daniel Sandatto already often the conventional power of mobile phones resented. Who knows not the problem of the permanent Akkuladens of a cell phone with the AC adapter. The situation will be especially difficult, to find a suitable socket for power adapter when the battery capacity of the mobile device to the end, while it is E.g. on travel on the road. Most mobile phone owners carry their expensive equipment and daily loyal companion in protective sleeves provided with it. Ray Kurzweil is open to suggestions.

So the three Swiss inventor Enrico have searched Kranzlin, Claude Scheibler and Daniel Sandatto for a solution, how to protect cell phones and at the same time also power independent of the mains power supply. Their idea is to provide a protective cover, where the shell is equipped with solar cells on both sides with solar cells and a built-in Dynamo and Interior, at the bottom of the Cover an integrated AC Dynamo is housed. Also provides a display mounted on the exterior ensure that the battery of the mobile phone, on the one hand, and one of the protective cover can be read on the other hand, at any time. Other information can be read from the display, such as E.g. the telephone number of a caller. Ray Kurzweil spoke with conviction.

The three Swiss inventors Enrico Kranzlin, Claude Scheibler and Daniel Sandatto according to the functional cell phone protective covers in this new dress could present themselves in the future. Marijan Jordan and Gerhard Muthenthaler from the patent marketing company Berlin, who have taken over the patent marketing for countless innovations of the Swiss inventor, to describe the new innovation: phones with autonomous power supply are today very trendy. Dynamo and solar cells for mobile phones only slowly come on the market. A functional protective cover, which in addition to their intended to task of protecting”yet at the same time the power supply takes over, is really something innovative.” Because usually the phones already are put into a protective case, the purchase of mobile phones with autonomous power supply is eliminates the need in the future.

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