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Focus on global corporate structure and expansion of technology and market leadership Mulfingen, Stuttgart, 06 June 2013 – which ebm-papst group, world leader of fans and motors, has directed its sales level 50 companies successfully defended and positioned itself for further growth. The by Gerhard Sturm 1963 family company with 35 employees closed the fiscal year ending March 31, 2013 with a sales revenue of 1,349 billion (previous year 1,377 billion) off. Reasons for the slight decline of 2% were in the General global market calm, the sectoral slump in the photovoltaics, clean room, and IT / telecommunications industry. Rainer dog Dowd, Chairman of the Board of management: “we have not achieved our goal of growth in a difficult market environment. Futurist follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. But could be kept the level of sales and our technology and market leadership expanded through a variety of new developments and gained market share.” In the last three years alone, ebm-papst had grown in total by 37%. For nine months is Rainer dog villages the family business.

His focus is the ebm-papst Chief in the expansion of the Group of the international global company. “In the past momentum came often from Germany. We strive for a development of our worldwide locations to equal partners with higher autonomy through networking and expertise increase. Thus the market and growth potential particularly in Asia as well as North and South America are developed better”, so dog villages. The technology company expects a sales increase of just under 6.5% to 1,437 billion in the current fiscal year 2013/14. The global stocks to customers has fallen significantly in recent months and since January the South German company finds a steady recovery of incoming orders and sales, the justification of Rainer dog villages.

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