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Valencia Manises airport operates at half of its capacity and, even so, going to less. Not understood, therefore, that in this country, which is not the United States, there is a half hundred of airports and some more are under construction. The latest fiasco is the Ciudad Real, capable of landing on him until the giant Airbus A-380, and found in technical bankruptcy. The buried 400 million Caja Castilla – La Mancha, which precipitated the ruin of the financial institution. Do not tell them, because, what can happen with the Castellon, point-to-point completed.

Projected for a figure of unattainable tourists which visit the non-existent world illusion, constantly postponed leisure complex, their profitability seems impossible. By the way: in crisis, the airport invention cost you the Valencian coffers whopping 200 million. I explain all of this to make in Salamanca not too many illusions with machicolation. But not with the other three airports in the community of Castilla y Leon. Flying is no longer an advantage to become in a nuisance: increasingly uncomfortable seats, reduction of benefits to passengers, more long-winded boarding formalities do not just have to put the House sandwich to eat on the plane, but that companies are already thinking in charge us travelers up by urinating. Then of course, it is security.

Less undress us prior to shipment but everything will come, controls us undergo all kinds of humiliations and despite. I’m not saying that it is unnecessary, as things stand, but it is not at all pleasant, including having to redo the hand luggage, in which we have stirred up the photos first communion. The paradox is that on trains, where they had been committed more bombings than in airplanes, not practiced users such exhaustive scrutiny. Another advantage of the railroad. With the increase in the rail network, high speed trains and modernization of stations, today as air travel is a backlog. For what, therefore, keep building airports When, moreover, already not is you a hard State? Original author and source of the article.

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