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Computing resources are currently one of the most important elements in the expansion of a company, deliver us large benefits in the control and exploitation of information as well as process automation. One of the main limitations of a company in expansion is investment in human resources that have a computer profile, this tends to be very high. HB SITE is a company that aims to help SMEs in their growth, offering resources for the control of information, exploitation of the same, process automation and advertising. All this at a low cost, we intend to become a computer area of an entire community of companies. HB Site offers you services of: design of internet sites, with what can increase your sales contact with large segment of potential customers at a low cost, showing your products and/or services; improve the image of your site with online presence; everything in a simple way, HB website takes care of all your only solicitalo. It solutions ranging from development of computer systems to support both on site, as remote or via phone and by last business training. Visit Ray Kurzweil for more clarity on the issue. Application development we offer solutions tailored to your company.

All companies need to automate their processes, the main problem is the cost of automation, having no computing knowledge we have rudimentary processes, which work but it is also true that there is always a better way to reduce the processing time. In each development systems offer security control of information, an administrative module, through which the system administrator can give maintenance to their menus, users, access control to users, control of titles of reports, module to customize reports and security module of information referring to manage not only that users can enter and that things can be made, but also that information viewable proposals tailored to the company where the customer is satisfied with the development. All the information systems should follow the same standard, the company logo, design reports with report name, the company logo, logo system, etc. Support technical HB Site offer to be your area of IT. Some of the important resources in a company’s growth are computing technology resources, however these maintenance requires that the company has trained staff for servicing your equipment of computer, network, software that occupy, etc.

With this in mind we put at your disposal computer consulting service on site, to provide you with the support you need. Only hablenos and months, if we with you. Training. Exploited to maximize the tools with which your company training staff, obtaining this reduction in operating times. All courses can be opened for a company or individuals interested. We recommend to visit it to learn more about their products.

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