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Sigmund Freud

Who am I? What is my redirection? What is the meaning of my life? Why have I come into this world? Thinking about these questions may give different results to accomplish: it may come clarity, but it is likely dive into depression. Do I need to search for the meaning of life? Are there any techniques techniques, exercises to facilitate searching? I propose to continue the search for answers together … Do I need to search for the meaning of life? "If people thought about the meaning of life, then he seriously sick "- so consider the famous psychologist Sigmund Freud. Another well-known psychologist, came to conclusions different: the loss of meaning in life, he thought – the main reason for not only disease but also of many other human ills, the search for meaning in life he called through to mental health. The question of meaning becomes especially acute during the life tests on the subject of Nietzsche said: "Anyone who knows why to live can bear almost any how." What keeps you from suicide? … This and many other strange at first glance, the questions posed to patients, Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist, author and Logotherapy – a new psychotherapeutic strategy based on the assumption that the development of individual motivated by the desire to search for and realization of the meaning of life. The methodology and findings are based on Frankl's own experience and observations obtained in Gestapo camps. There, at Auschwitz, the meaning of life becomes than ever. .

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