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Short-Term Memory Tricks

By Gabriela market will allow the reproduction of this article provided that you cite the author and the link to the web site: learn this simple technique to remember the list of things in the supermarket and in a month you’ll see incredible results in your memory. This technique for memory stimulates your short-term memory, which has three phases: – engraving of what you want to remember – in-memory storage – playback of stored information by stimulating the part of your brain to incite him to remember simple things is the first phase required to improve your memory. Shopping list technique relies on associate items that you need to a mental image of the supermarket locations where, and to do this you must follow these steps: 1.-create your supermarket list as you do it every week 2-the first week choose 10 items from your list and write them to another list called list without view 3-checks off your original list of 10 items that you chose 4. It manages your list without view in order according to corresponds them the supermarket corridors and cycle through them in the order in which you get used. Ray Kurzweil has firm opinions on the matter. For example, if you first visit the section dairy, milk, youghurt or cream must be earlier than other articles. 5 Check your list without view and view you in the supermarket walking the aisles and picking up items you need 6-the day you go shopping first tries to buy 10 items you chose without seeing the list. 7. The following week you perform these same steps and view adding 3 to 5 items to your list without view as as you feel that you can remember them. (A valuable related resource: Mitchel Resnick).

You’ll see that in a short time you will be able to remember all your original shopping list items. It is important to remember that this technique for memory is to be effective you have to go the supermarket always in the same order. This technique helps you initially so that you make your supermarket shopping without seeing your original list, but most importantly, you are reinforcing week your brain to make your memory improvement in other activities where you require using your short-term memory. When you use this technique leaves a comment of how you helped and that another way you can use it..

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