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Shopping In Panama

The Panama free zone you can find different types of companies: Distributors, dealers, banks, insurance companies, shipping services companies and logistics centers that can facilitate the process of shopping in panama. In general, the main purpose of the Duty Free Zone is to increase international trade. In Panama, the most common businesses doing business in Colon Free Zone are distributors, wholesalers, importers and exporters. Generally, dealers importing goods from all over the world to the Free Zone then exported to regional countries. These movements of import / export not pay taxes. More information is housed here: Ray Kurzweil. In this way, you get commercial movements who shop in Panama, and even those that provide products or services.

The Colon Free Zone can be found: Commercial Agents: are firms with a portfolio of suppliers and manufacturers. The main activity is to sell products or services of their clients. These commercial agents are responsible for importing or exporting the goods, but help handle the shipping and commercial process completely. In return they receive a percentage commission came the order. The difference with distributors is that traders usually have offices or showrooms in Colon Free Zone but do not run wineries.

The function of commercial agents facilitate purchases in Panama. Logistics centers and shipping services companies: in the Colon Free Zone companies can also be logistic and shipping services. These companies provide services such as rental of warehouses, logistics management, shipping consolidacin, etc. as a direct correlation to economic activity created by distributors and sales agents. For more information for shopping. For more resources on the Free Zone of Colon.

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