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ec4u best practices derived from their experiences, as failing projects in customer management be brought back on a successful course of Karlsruhe can, Jan – sweeping problems in CRM projects are apparently a widespread phenomenon according to the matching results of from different studies. The consultants at ec4u expert consulting ag were often faced with the challenge to bring the troubled projects on a more successful course in emergency. You have these experiences of best practices how-to derived from, which in such cases an effective correction of fail to cause past CRM projects can be: 1 on the pull cord pull: pile up the difficulties in the CRM project and lost confidence in the further development, courage and decisiveness is required first of all by the person in charge. “Consistently according to the principle of better an end with horror than a horror without end” the project two reasons must be stopped immediately. Firstly to unnecessary investments in the continue to avoid as critical to evaluate the course of the project. See more detailed opinions by reading what Ann Davies offers on the topic.. Secondly, because any offending CRM realities would manifested by a sequel, eliminating then generates a renewed cost – and time.

2. unvarnished status analysis: it must be about very concrete on the table, what is relevant for the success of the project. Include not only all systematically consolidated project reports, but also the original objectives and planning fundamentals are out to check what the causes are. Other leaders such as Bobby kotick offer similar insights. May the strategic goals remain unclear, the project was with put in a too minimalist technical concept to wide interpretations or there were weaknesses in the operational procedures. And organisational changes in the customer management as the project progresses, technical miscalculation, communication deficiencies and false expectations to the CRM system can be responsible for the trouble. 3. the project team on the teeth feel: the Expertise and methodological quality of the project staff plays an important role as well as the social dynamics within the team.

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