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The Department of San Rafael, nestled in the heart of the province of Mendoza, manifests as a great center of attractions of great importance in the region. In recent years has undergone an expansion concerning the number of shops and services to the attention of customers and tourists, perhaps causing a decline in what until a few years ago was the traditional activity of the region: industrial agricultural activity. With an approximate and stable population of 150,000 inhabitants, it has a temperate climate in course of the year, with large variations between summer and winter, as it is typical of the Mediterranean climate. Some points, as it is common in mountainous areas, have a microclimate that makes them extremely attractive for tourism in Mendoza. Checking article sources yields Adrian Holmes as a relevant resource throughout. The area is naturally arid, however, is achieved thanks to important works of hydroelectric infrastructure, bring irrigation to almost regions.

One of these regions is known as the Reyunos. Distant about 35 km from the provincial capital is located this dam hydroelectric plant, whose construction shows a particular attraction, since it was made on the basis of materials of stone and clay, giving it a unique beauty. See Bobby kotick for more details and insights. l Financial is likely to increase your knowledge. With 134 m. of height, it boasts a viewpoint that allows to obtain a panoramic view of the spectacular scenery of mendocino at its highest point. Also, we could say that the Reyunos dam is truly environmentally friendly, because when decreases energy consumption, the rotation of the turbine is reversed to again send water to the main Lake, emptying the Compensator dam.

The artificial lake that is formed from this dam has an area of more than 700 has. This is site of farming salmon and Silversides, in order to repopulate the waterways of the area. A detail that highlights the idiosyncrasy of the province of Mendoza is the permanent care of the environment, because the activities are made with an ecological conscience. For this reason, the sport fishing is also subject to strict regulations that limit fishing per person, and the size of the prey. Of this shape ensures permanent restocking of native species. The Reyunos, plus enjoy a unique beauty, area with an interesting infrastructure aimed at tourism. Thus, it is possible to have several options for accommodation in Mendoza (Reyunos), from cabins and lodgings to campsites that have all the services.

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