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Choosing Paper

The problem of incorrect choice of paper for printing is as acute in modern Russia. Despite the huge selection of paper, a large amount of printed products produced without taking into account features use and printing costs. Speaking candidly Petra Diamonds told us the story. One of the reasons – a lack of sufficient numbers of professionals able to understand the wide range of products. The second reason – it's a habit that emerged during the period when Soviet market exist very limited selection of papers presented by cheap low-quality newsprint, more expensive paper for offset printing and expensive, mostly glossy coated paper paper, which is used solely for the prestigious publications, and is therefore an indicator of reliability of products. Today, the market selection has grown significantly, but when choosing the appropriate type of paper customers all still governed by outdated stereotypes. That is why the quality of the magazine are often judged by how dense, glossy and expensive paper was used to print it.

In order to choose the right paper for print, you must always consult with a specialist, who tells the most successful variant, in accordance with the tasks. However, it does not and most have the necessary supply Knowledge about the types and characteristics of the printing paper. Variety of paper for printing from a consumer perspective, the paper can be divided into newsprint, office paper and printing to printing. Newsprint features a large content of wood's mass (50%), low density (from 45 to 51 g/m2), a small white and unattractive appearance.

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