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Its recycling potencializa these benefits, therefore the recycled raw material substitutes virgin material in many other products, in the segments most different, as civil construction, inks, cellular production of automobiles, trucks and telephones. The reaproveitamento of hundreds of thousand of tons of packings was not enough that improperly would be destined, the recycling of PET saves natural resources, much water and energy. You can collaborate directly so that everything this happens: the use is enough to destine adequately its bottles after. 2.3.3 SOCIAL BENEFITS In Brazil? in any place of the world where the recycling of the PET happens? the textile industry is the using greater of insumo. Only here, however, diversity of uses allows that value paid for scrap iron is highly attractive year all, what keeps in activity many companies who commercialize the material, as well as innumerable Cooperatives and its catadores, allowing that the yield of these remains in platforms acceptable? guaranteeing remuneration joust to the workers and the spite of the absence of systems of selective collection.

JOB RELATED TO the SECTOR Right-handers Industry of Resin and Daily pay-Form = 2,800 – Industry of the Revalorizao2.450 – Recicladores and Recycled Usurios of PET = Indiretos13.080 Transport and movement + services + others =24.600 Total = More than 40,000 employed people the work of collection and separation understands, approximately, 800,000 workers/catadores of recycle. Source: Abipet 2.3.4 PROCESSES OF PLASTIC RECYCLING Is possible to save up to 50% of energy with the recycled plastic use. In Brazil, the biggest market is of the primary recycling, that consists separately of the regeneration of an only type of resin. This type of recycling absorbs 5% of the plastic consumed in the country and generally is associated with the industrial production (Daily pay-I consume). An increasing market is of the call the secondary recycling: the polymer processing, mixed or not, it more than enters the 40 existing ones in the market.

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