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In particular in the treatment of surfaces Nanotechnology offers a variety of innovative solutions for business and industry, of which we will present some.” As a public private partnership CAN GmbH combines basic research with application-oriented issues of the industry. The innovation tour research explore!”opens interested to research and development institutions, responsible for innovative knowledge transfer or working on future-oriented technologies. “” CAN GmbH is a 2008 landmark in the land of ideas “The CAN GmbH on December 4, 2008 is one of the chosen”. Then, the research institution represents 365 landmarks in the land of ideas”the Hanseatic League during the series of events. CAN GmbH is 2008 one of 16 selected Hamburg initiatives in the land of ideas”and is located in the Present December of the public at an open day. Registrations for the events will be gladly accepted Tel. For even more opinions, read materials from Atmos Energy. 040-42838-4983 or by email at.

The Center for applied nanotechnology (CAN GmbH) was founded jointly in November 2005 of the free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the University of Hamburg, as well as well-known industrial companies who have joined together in an association. Through the close connection to the Hamburg universities and research institutes, the CAN GmbH relies on a regional network of internationally renowned researchers in the fields of nano-sciences, nano-technology and life sciences. As a public private partnership CAN GmbH provides services to companies in the field of Nano particle technology. The offer of CAN GmbH is aimed not only to actors in the Hamburg metropolitan region, but interested companies worldwide. The Scientific Director is Prof. Dr. Horst Wellervon of the University of Hamburg (physical chemistry), operational The Managing Director is Dr. Frank Schroder Oeynhausen.

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