Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


Saint mother of God! the trees are dying, the oxygen finishing, the Amaznia loses thousand of hectares per day, and you there, spending paper torto and the right. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Royal Dutch Shell and gain more knowledge.. if you are plus one of these crpulas that she lives buying notebooks for there, well, stop with this and think about the future of its children! You walk for the streets rejecting panfleteiros for all the sides, yes gentleman, them you are in all you sing, the esquinas, doors of bathrooms and points of bus, and everything that they want and to give one to you cursed pamphlet, thus being able to come back more early toward house Let us think well, one of them has paper excessively, the other has paper of less, because not to join the useful one to the pleasant one and to save some trees of a premature death? he stops and he calculates, if you are a studious youngster, you do not have to less spend than one 50 Reals to the year with notebooks, bloquinhos, agendinhas, and others frescurinhas that they would not have to be bought, everything because with the aid of a good stapler (of that they hold some leves) you can transform those pamphlets that generally has the verse in white, in the modern, pretty, fashion and most important of everything (since the previous qualities are all lie) economic! does not have shame, the panfleteiro goes to be happy of the life if you to ask for pra that it gives one 10 pamphlets to it of a time..

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