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Organic Creams

If we compare this with organic cream, it looks like a cosmetic cream and comes in tubes. The humidity in them at the highest level, but they add luster to the "five plus". When buying shoe polish, inspect it at that. The presence of lumps in his consistency indicative of poor cleaning chemicals. The consequence is the loss of properties repulsion of water, due to uneven application. Optimal surface cream is smooth, flat and not cracked, not departing from the edges of the jar. Such detachment and cracks indicate the expiration date goods, or not tightly closed jar, so weathered solvent. This means that the cream can not thoroughly cover the surface of the shoe, and will crumble when applying.

Manufacturers often offer special sponges for applying the cream and light, they are convenient to use at home. For daily care of a careful they do not fit, they are designed for quick rinse aid for a few hours, but can not hide quality scrapes and disadvantages. At the same time, after such a sponge your shoes provided a dense layer of dust. For expensive shoes, made of fine leather, the use of fat thick cream will not work. This cream is completely fills the pores, the skin will look worse than the original form, and the light skin may emerge greasy stains. Therefore optimally suitable option in the care of such footwear is a balm emulsion and non-greasy cream. At processing of thick leather shoe is better to use creams or fatty oil shoe, this applies to the shoes of oiled nubuck. In the care of shoe polish from suede and also requires a special approach.

Spray impregnation with a reducing agent colored suede shoes can protect against moisture and dirt, clean and give the original color. For varnished shoes are required balms, oils, lotions and footwear, which will hide minor scratches, restore shine and softness. If you are the owner of the trendy shoes membrane materials having air permeability property, use tools, designed specifically for them. Such care products retain the properties membranes and provide a barrier to water and dust. It should be recalled that the shoes need to look in the evening to soak up the cream and take effect, protecting it from dust, dirt and water.

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