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Operation Transactions

With the help of passive operations formed their own and borrowed funds. Under the active operations of commercial banks understand the placement of funds accumulated by passive operations. Through the provision of services for active operations, commercial banks allocate funds so mobilized to secure the required level of profit and sustainability business. Among the active transactions are two main types – credit (loan accounting) and stock (securities transactions). Lending operations of commercial banks (lenders) constitute the movement of loan capital available under the terms of repayment, maturity and interest payment.

For stock transactions of commercial banks include transactions in government securities, purchase securities of companies and organizations for own portfolio (investment), as well as initial public offering among the holders of newly issued securities. Securities operations – completed action or series of actions with the securities and / or cash funds in the stock market to achieve, for example, objectives such as ensuring the financial resources of the entity, the operation – the formation and increase the equity capital, raising debt capital or resources in turn. This is a passive operation, which are implemented through the issuance of securities, and therefore are known as equity transactions. We give a brief description of the above by commissioning, mediation, provided by commercial banks to their customers: – brokerage operations – operations that promote financial turnover (Collecting, transferable letter of credit) – confidence (trust) operations – operations management property and perform other services on behalf of and in the interests of his client on the Rights of the trustee – leasing operations.

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