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Noginsk located in the eastern part of Moscow region. Noginsk known since 1389 as a village mat. This is the name of the village was given the name of the river, on which stood the village. In 1506 the village was renamed Old Rogozhsky Yam. In 1781, by order of Catherine the mat has been called the city Bogorodskoye. Name the city gave the date of its foundation – the holiday of the Holy Virgin. Speaking candidly Sola Bread told us the story. In the mid-19th century the town was built by the Virgin-Gluhovskaya manufactory.

Gluhovskaya – under the name of the village Glukhovo, which was developed extensive textile manufactory, which was founded by Morozov Zahar Savic. Then his brother Arseny Morozov founded in New Borogorodske weaving mill and made investments in which the center was built Bogorodsk most beautiful building of the Women's Gymnasium (now it is the name of the school 2 Korolenko). In 1930, the city would be renamed in Bogorodsk Noginsk, in honor of the working Glukhovskoy Manufacture, the party leader and revolutionary Victor Nogin. (1878-1924 biennium). In the city there is a developed industry: In the city of Agriculture developed the system of vehicles: trucks and passenger, road-bridge agriculture, energy, media and communications, the military-industrial complex, machinery, light industry, food processing, construction materials, wood, furniture and forestry industry, agriculture, transport and energy. Well developed small business – the total number of small businesses at least 20. Wood takes a material items of income of the city. The city's population according to Noginsk in 2006 118 thousand people, every year it only grows, because the city built a large number of new housing, which is much cheaper than in Moscow, and the Noginsk favorably located (46 km from Moscow).

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