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The Necklaces Training are effective means for the training of your dog, to teach to him good behavior and obedience. It is necessary to be used to the dog using common necklace; training nonnecklace; from both months of life, she is one of the things that never must lack to be able to educate your dog well. You do not have to commit the error to only place the necklace to him you are going when it to remove to take a walk or when you want to tie it as a punishment. The necklace must remain placed permanently. There are three main types of Necklaces Training dogs and each must be used correctly to obtain the results wished without making damage to your dog.

Necklaces of Hang Perhaps it is more commonly used, a necklace of hangs has been designed to allow that the trainer can quickly close and soon to relax and to loosen the necklace around the neck of a dog. The dogs learn not to repeat a behavior when they feel that the necklace them apreta his neck. The consequences of not using a necklace of good sliding can be disastrous. You do not throw too much hard, only sufficient so that to your it feels it dog and it reacts interrupting the undesired conduct. In addition, you would not have to continue throwing during a prolonged period. Necklace of Prongs Similar to the one of hangs, they have teeth in the inner part of the necklace. When a smooth pull occurs the teeth puncture on the neck of the dog. Unlike a necklace of it hangs; a necklace of prongs has a limit when it is going away to close around the neck of the dog. Many proprietors are worried about the necklaces of prongs because of the impression that the teeth injure the neck of the dog, but this never will happen since the teeth have filed their ends and is impossible that they perforate the skin of the neck of the animal, only produce a disagreeable sensation to him that stimulates the dog to interrupt the conduct that is realising.

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