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International Monetary Fund

Although these actions do not have anything to do and so it is about to come, the truth is that at the end of this Aeon it is approaching and we, like a world that have not understood the reason of that we are in favor here and because we are here. The International Monetary Fund that controls all the international transactions between the banking institution in this world is going to exchange reserve to clear a currency that no longer is fulfilling its objective. The new system will be carried out based on the gold standard like was it before. It watches these collections of video to include/understand the truth that is on the verge of becoming position of this year. The Crash Course What happens in the 2012 and what is the theory of the polar change? They affirm to a relation between the rotation and the magnetic Earth polarity, that it changes of irregular form, with a magnetic investment that happens every 400.000 years in average.

One of the theories that have not been published in the picture of dialogue of the global heating, is the Mayan Theory of the Polar Change. Albert Einstein agreed in which this effect is happening, and can be responsible for the Global Climate Change. The theory causes that all the other theories are irrelevant, since the Poles will move in the 2012. This event is catastrophic, that includes earthquakes, tsunamis and total the massive destruction. The aim of this creation in the Mayan calendar is the 23 of December of 2012 of the present era. That would be 12-21-12, has to do with the movement of the Earth axis where all the planets of align. They change the tides and they begin massive floods. It asks his around and dese counts of the changes and what this being spoken: people are worried reason why she could come.

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