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Microsoft Corporation

Monterrey, N.L., Mexico.-the hostile offer from Microsoft on Yahoo by almost 45 billion dollars is pointing to the immediate future of the internet and the efforts of Billy Gates face to Google which increased 210 thousand times its value in 10 years. Gates, who announced his retirement from Microsoft from the month of June, forward set hostile bid for 18 months, just when Google undertook with Apple and the iPhone to work on cufflink. Google Earth is an example of this. The undisputed master of the internet was ten years ago Yahoo.! Two young, Larry Page and Sergey Brin invented the Back Rub search engine, the antecedent of Google. Both young men approached two Hindus to offer them his invention in a million dollars. They didn’t, for when they joined, there Google and worth a hundred times more.

Today the company Google is worth US $ 210 billion and is the most popular around the world, including China search engine. It captures more than 32 percent of the investment in advertising at the network. Suede This growth Billy Gates knows that it is the immediate future. The same Microsoft, with more than 20 years in the market worth 300 billion dollars based on the permissions that sells to the use of the Windows in their different versions and its package of Office programs. Accept the hostile proposal, Yahoo it would immediately raise price and the set of the Microsoft Corporation would be worth about $ 350 billion. Google seems to lean more by the inventor of the moment, Steve Jobs to access share technology for services provided by the iPhone. Meanwhile, Jerry Yang company spread that you evaluate Microsoft bid, while the company of Billy Gates believes that its proposal will be accepted and will be in mid-2009 when announcing the completion of the operation. The carrier also to Hawks weep when they take them: Google may be worth more than Microsoft in five years.

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