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Linux Server Administration

Why is a professional Linux administrator should get why you should get a professional Linux administrator, is already clearly when looking at the current range of rentable root server. So the choice consists of a virtual server, managed server and a dedicated server. See Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for more details and insights. The so-called dedicated servers, there a distinction between service bound and customized servers again once let alone by the technical specifications. The operating system can choose. What is the right server for you and your needs? Often this can answer only a Linux Professional.

The choice of open source has a clear advantage in the General settings as well as in the administration of the root server operating systems such as Linux over Windows. Adjustments are possible with the Linux Server Administration, which would be unthinkable in Windows. Is that you in the Windows operating system source code see a nor change can. For the Linux administrator, both is possible. That gives the Chance, to be able to optimize not only the applications to consume, but also the operating system itself to the needs of the user.

Who dabbles as a layman as a Linux administrator, which here quickly reaches its limits. The objection of the various forums for Linux Server Administration, does not because there get some hints, but they’re mostly for everyday small problems. The specific problems of an online shop or a complex of related websites can not dissolve there. Possible problems that may arise for a Linux administrator, lie in the customization of the content on the server ready to be that both can be purely informational in nature, but also in services may apply. It gets more complicated when interfaces between the online and local services have to be created. It is conceivable, for example, in the accounting or in the processing of orders over a shop. Here the professional Linux administrator has the possibility for a ensure simple and even automated porting of the data, which significantly facilitates the daily work and saves more time. Aspects of data protection and backup where a specialized Linux Server Administration can also provide good and effective solutions to be added. Bottom line: Investing in a professional Linux worth administrator anyway, because as a result on the one hand the user experience of content increase and on the other hand, the monitoring and the permanent operation of shops for the operators much more effectively designed can be. Michael Kaiser

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