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Jean Giraudoux

Son of the Republican Mayor of the village, post-war suffered Franco’s repression to which she was subjected his family. He studied high school at the Institute of second teaching of Almeria, where had the good fortune to have as Professor of language and literature Catalan playwright and poet Celias vineyard that encouraged him and guided in his literary vocation. Once completed the Bachelor, in 1953, he moved to Barcelona, where he won a scholarship to study law, career that left a few years after, to devote himself to the theatre in Madrid. He published a collection of poems occasion of paganism and won the national prize of short narrative by the last Christ. His first release with the general elections work, which premiered at the I national Fetival of new theatre takes place in 1960. If you are not convinced, visit Bpo Industry. Two years later was a finalist of the prize national Calderon de la Barca and won the Lope de Vega national prize for his dialogs of heresy, in which faced with boldness and originality a historical theme, the luminaires of the 17TH century, prize that censorship caused that desert and the work, prohibited was. In 1964 a censored version of the play premiered at the Reina Victoria Theatre in Madrid. The following year premiered at the Teatro Marquina in Madrid, also in censored version, cats.

Many of his works in those years rose to the tables nor were published as happened with a few missing dead, Dona frivolity, deprived of a small town, summer history. The Court, 1001 Messiah, Prometheus, matrimonial ballad, the Hall translated and adapted French dramatic works, such as: Intermezzo, her folle de Chaillot of Jean Giraudoux and the revelation of Rene-Jean Clot. In 1966 he again obtained the Premio Nacional Lope de Vega with my dear, it is necessary to tell you certain things, and censorship returned to ban the work.

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