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"Innovivir" The Latin American Challenge

"Innovation is essential for development? Sure. The understanding of what it means development can not be separated from the other hand, systematic, incremental and competitive: innovation. In the business world, when we speak of innovation 'the objective is the successful implementation of new business, which includes the development of new products or entering new markets. The innovation must be pragmatic, commercially effective. Latin American countries can take to leverage innovation as a dynamic development What we need to do? Latin: creative yes, but innovative? One of the unifying characteristics of Latin Americans, is to define themselves as creative.

In Peru, Inca Kola, the most iconic soft drink company, has used the concept of creativity as a standard. One of their advertising campaigns recreates this "Peruvian creativity with products that aim to achieve innovative connotations, as some sandals (* 1) wheels, emulating the skates. For those who live in Latin America, the creativity has been, is and will be an everyday tool, but is it enough to get out of underdevelopment and to project into the future? In the innovative process the creative component is essential, but alone is insufficient, require additional components such as: registration of patents to protect inventions elementary, market research, useful for understanding customer needs, the prototype development is key to evaluating a new product, among others. Without these, creativity can become an attractive edging illusion, but with few opportunities to generate value. Returning to the example of Inca Kola campaign, it is possible that the idea of a "skate sandals" be nice, however, it is clear that its commercial application would be – to put it more – unlikely.

Sun, November 7 2010 » News