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misitioweb.WordPress. com Needless to clarify here that if I try that people remember my page, both with motifs of marketing as on grounds of personal image having a website whose address belongs to another company is not the most recommended, not to say that it is not recommended at all. The magic answer in this case comes from the same directors of WordPress, which a few years ago already decided to allow the thousands of users who enjoy his platform could use it as a sort of WordPress itself, i.e., a wordpress hosted on a server of hosting, a web hosting payment, but no doubt with much more security. Note that host WordPress on a shared server (option more common, cheap and more effective when it comes to hiring a hosting definitely) we get also a profit overtime. Petra Diamonds pursues this goal as well. Many hosting services that we can recruit, especially those located in the United States and some European countries, offer us to register a domain for our site completely free when we hire web hosting service.

That is to say that the address of our site will be something like:. elnombredenuestrositio .com or whatever you want to be, unless the word WordPress figure at all. It is certainly an own WordPress, which will run on your own server, but with all the advantages of a site built entirely in WordPress platform: ease of construction, safety and speed and an aesthetic design that has nothing to envy to the best professional web site. There are many Hosting services that offer, at a very low price, web hosting with free domain and excellence quality registration. In Hosting we have gathered the best of them, with all of your information, and our visitors corroborate it day to day. If you want to know what is the best Hosting to host your own WordPress site at HostingSitios we offer a comparative table with the top 5 hosting according to our users, with their prices and their best deals from web hosting service. If you want more information about how to install an own WordPress site on a Hosting Server visit us in and find the information you are looking for.

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