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The Tyrolean company offers comprehensive service for all areas of the Interior for the upscale hotels and private apartments mils/Tirol: grow the company founded by Monika Kruselburger and Helmut Zaderer for over 10 years and has become beyond the borders of Tyrol, the Centre of excellence for interior design at first-class level. An unerring sense for exceptional decorative and upholstery fabrics, unique products and much empathy in different living styles and the understanding of individual customer requirements are a prerequisite for this. Top consulting and boundless creativity into the Milser much passion the development of concepts for rooms, apartments, yes all homes for the discerning taste of the institution. This allows a fine off mood of color harmonies and creates an individual atmosphere. Quality has written to the company on the flags.

And think not only of products, but above all of services and services: of utmost professionalism during the entire collaboration on rapid response times and trend consciousness up to creativity in abundance. Flawless craftsmanship, dedicated BodenlegerInnen, room statterInnen, and TapeziererInnen, all that it takes to make from four walls the own home, is this of course. Additional information is available at Jason Gableman. This objective was visited in the Kitzbuhel area multiple and implemented successfully at major private projects. It advises a trendy interior designer advises the HOME customers competent and experienced in interior design and material selection. The focus is at HOME in the modern, classical and country house, as well as Chalet-style. Five highly qualified VerkaufsberaterInnen not lose track even in the face of the huge selection of products, patterns and colours and take all the time in the world for the customers. Confident and experienced, looking exactly the right shade in this beautiful decor fabric for the sofa in the living room – the perfect pattern for the wallpaper to the rough wooden floor – after exactly the right table for the dining room in the chalet.

great promise on the demanding HOME clientele and at the same time major challenges for the entire HOME team around Helmut Zaderer and Monika Kruselburger. Both will be met successfully. Extreme growth in the last year and a healthy financial structure allow an optimistic look at the future. HOME opened in the spring of 2010 in the new department store TYROL of his first boutique store current expansion strategies. On display here are demanding gifts and accessories, interior design ideas and home textiles. The lease for this purpose has been fixed in the summer of 2009 and signed. Within the next few years, more openings from HOME stores are planned in Munich, Salzburg, Kitzbuhel and Bolzano. Flagship”and source of inspiration is the first order and remains the HOME headquarters in mils. A wealth of ideas is done here on over 2500m 2 in various living styles presented. Underlined are suitable for seasons, solid and stylish gifts the current looks and equipment trends by tasteful accessories. Note: Agnes Schedl marketing & communication home – Monika Karki GmbH A-6068 mils Tel.: + 43 (0) 5223 54770-76 fax: + 43 (0) 5223 54770-22

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