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German University Celebrating

Johannes Marx welcomed in the early afternoon, Managing Director of the BSA-Akademie and the German University, visitors on the grounds of country sports school food of the Saarland (LSVS). Johannes Marx welcomed in the early afternoon, Managing Director of the BSA-Akademie and the German University, visitors on the grounds of country sports school food of the Saarland (LSVS). Then, Prof. Dr. Whenever rusty holzer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Thomas Wessinghage presented an exciting looking back over 30 years, BSA-Akademie, 11 years dual course of study and approved 5-year State College. As Vice President for University development and transfer of the College, was the former top athletes and today a deep insight into the development of the BSA/DHfPG Medical Director the medical Park hospitals and University lecturer. Some contend that lucas vandenberg shows great expertise in this.

In particular, Prof. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from William Hughes Mulligan. Wessinghage thanked the BSA founder Albert Busek for his visionary ideas and the energy to call the BSA-Akademie in life. Before then, Albert Busek himself directed some words on the visitors, there was still a video message from a man in the first, BSA course spot was and has now made an incredible career: actor and ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Excerpt from the video message: 30 years ago, I met a group of young, curious people in the Studio of my good friend Albert Busek. You completed a training course. At this time did not exist that at all. If you wanted to know something, we asked those with the thickest biceps () it was always me () liked the idea to educate people properly () so that it could encounter a greater acceptance of fitness training.

What has evolved since that time, is enormous. Today, your industry in Germany has even its own nationally recognized school. That was unthinkable 30 years ago. “That is why I congratulate the BSA to these 30 years of tremendous development: happy anniversary!” Then Gerd Maurer took over the head of corporate communications of the BSA/DHfPG, the moderation. All visitors received the first Yearbook of the German College in bound form, next to an insight into past year 2012 provided also a short overview of the history of BSA/College since 1983. After a joint team picture, it then went to the individual stands that had been lovingly built on the grounds of LSVS. To all visitors run cards received”, with which they could complete supervised stands of small knowledge and skill tests as a result of the BSA/University employees and sample culinary delicacies. That brought plenty of exercise and fun to the game within a very short time. All the time the Freddy Wonder combo ensures good mood. Who had completed all stations, took part in the evening with his race card giveaway prizes. Those who break 30 years wanted to get BSA history a pictorial impression of, could do this a slideshow in the framework, who waited with some historical images and again illustrated the milestones from the period 1983-2013. The evening programme was launched at 20:00. Chef de cuisine Sigfried’s team made for the physical well-being of Hamlet, the since Years in the athletes cafeteria of LSVS is responsible for catering. Then there was a get-together, which again was accompanied by the Freddy Wonder combo, around 22:00 a small showAct was on the program, which involved staff from all departments of the University-BSA. The future is exciting with a varied celebration on the occasion of the numerous anniversaries in the year 2013 starting by now continue at the BSA/DHfPG with much enthusiasm and momentum, to further promote the professionalization of the fitness industry through high-quality qualifications. More information: BSA/College: free job board of BSA/College: open Congress of BSA/College:

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