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Flash Technology

Flash technology and its shortcomings in the design of the site. Flash technology. Disadvantages Before each time to use Flash, you need to measure every time. But not everyone knows what it is. Some use Flash as needed, and all the rest – from ignorance.

The fact that the Flash – it's not like all the raster (gif, jpg, bmp, etc.) and the picture is not html. A multemidiynaya technology. How are different technologies, this one has its certain advantages and disadvantages. View Flash technology is a few different positions: + From the standpoint of the basic exterior design and culture of this site; + C functional and technical side of the site; + On the practical side. + Site Design and Culture Site Site – it's like kobychnaya Niga. You buy a new book because the plot is interesting for all of you, or information from this book helpful.

But not because she has a beautiful cover or a very famous author. While every once astonished the progress of Internet users again come to the site to see how they do then u somehow jump-flies-flies has already passed. Now all people care about the new information. Flash prevents the perception of new information. The site, which was built in Flash more like a new game for consoles or newfangled as television advertising, when you sit and wait when it will end. In most cases, this is different due to changes in habitual user of the sort of things For example, interference in the interface harness animation and even sound. Website – not a goal, it exists for the visitor to your site (except for home pages that the authors of these sites for yourself is to do). Functional and Technical side. Flash again uses the plug-in modules, multemidiynye functions are still not integrated into the browser. In view of the inherent attraction of Flash technology has functional properties of the party lacks.

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