Invention Environment

Environments That Foster Invention


A good sign that can alert your therapist about the existence of some key picture, is when the patient relates that when we ask for photos, he immediately thought in a particular. Analysis picture on the construction technique of images used in psychodrama, the process begins with the search for an internal image of the protagonist (delves into his biography); then espacializa the selected image and finally materializes in a scene that it dramatizes. In synthesis, it is looking inside and are outside plasma, is the biography to the scene. On the technique of photographic analysis process is reverse: first a photographic image is found in the album and then, look within that image the consonance with the inner group of the protagonist. In synthesis: the photo album to be the biography. The patient selects a particular reality and not another, what you mean is that you it’s meaningful information for that psyche in particular. It is our duty to help you decipher it at multiple levels of meaning (manifest, latent, shortcut, etc). The result of this search should be materialized in an initial psychodynamic hypotheses, as an attempt of overall understanding of psychopathology of the patient.

All this is accomplished by making a joint effort between the optics of the patient and the therapist, doing a start-up in common between what the patient brings and what the therapist thinks and feels against the material supplied. All, and patients are no exception, we have a legend of what happens to us and why we pass, showing great resistance to change it. I.e., we have a special ability to rate certain facts of our reality and ignore others, so we invent a new reality to us and got us to believe. In my opinion, photos as objective witnesses of the past, allow, relying on them, questioning realities or assumptions of today, because we should not forget that the reality as such does not exist, but that there are views on the same.

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