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The Berliner Akktor GmbH now exclusively sells the electric installation systems, the Swiss Omnio AG on the German market and supplies customers in the electrical trade and IT sector with any RATIO device. The Swiss market leader in the area of the self-powered radio systems for building automation, Omnio AG, the Berliner Akktor GmbH opts for the sales specialists and ratio offers the German retailers from all important product and application development of the own brand. The principle of ratio is quickly explained: Energy harvesting, wireless and maintenance-free switch for the light, ventilation, heating or air conditioning, as well as for automated use of blinds provide the user easy installation in buildings or industrial installations, convenience of operation and maintenance, reduced energy costs and increased safety. The radio bus system ratio is a comprehensive product family with components that complement each other perfectly. All devices are manufactured in the Switzerland and subject to high Quality standards. Individual customer wishes due to the flexible manufacturing can be considered”, so Jurgen Reimann, Managing Director of Akktor GmbH.

different sensors with integrated radio transmitter own themselves, for example, for switching and dimming of light or the local recording of movement and temperature. For the canopy, concealed, or fuse box Assembly, various actuators as smaller receiving units are available in the ratio program. For the construction of a more complex, flexible configurable electric installation, we offer appropriate system devices. All components of the ratio are compatible with third-party systems with EnOcean technology.” More information about Akktor GmbH as well as the offered products and services are available in the Internet at.

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