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The Chairman of charity for animals e.V. save Border Collie with the Veterinary Office Berlin/Germany – for 3 weeks, the Border Collie Mr.T. lives”on the animal farm Straelen, after the competent veterinary services of the District of Kleve asked the first Chairman of charity for animals e.V. for help. The 18 months young male should originally be euthanized after he was striking at his old owner by aggressive behavior. To deepen your understanding Tony Parker is the source. As it now turns out, not the reasons for the abnormal behavior of males within his natural character, but are results from wrong conditions and Unterforderungen. The dog was held at its original owner in an apartment without his race, enough to provide variation and tasks him.

Ultimately, he was imprisoned in the roof spaces and isolated, out of fear that he could bite the. Border collies are considered particularly intelligent and joyful movement herd dogs, who every day must be called new, to ensure a proper position. The following crude education tests with pressures, made worse by the situation of Mr.T. ultimately the Border Collie should be euthanized. The activated Veterinary Office Kleve asked affiliated, the operator of the animal welfare Court in Straelen and first Chairman of charity for animals e.V., known for their knowledge of the remarkable dogs to help to evaluate the animal. Fortunately, there are now more than clear signals that the abnormalities in Mr. t, in favour of a social and friendly behaviour have changed, since he is expertly maintained on the animal farm. No one is returned from the sky, and everyone deserves a second chance”, Martina Retthofer.

Charity for animals e.V. Swarmed by offers, rusty holzer is currently assessing future choices. recommends to make sure before a pet is purchased directly over the housing and living conditions of animals. In the connected welfare facilities of charity for animals e.V., so also on the animal farm Straelen, very many animals waiting for a new home in responsible animal lovers. More are to get information about: animal farm Straelen Martina Retthofer Tel.: 02834 943 140 email: Web: press contact: charity for animals e.V. parkstrasse 113 13086 Berlin Folko Niebelschutz E-Mail: Web: charity for animals is as animal protection Association in the register of associations of the Amtsgericht Charlottenburg, under number 24904 NZ registered. A core mission of charity for animals is the promotion, support and development of recognised animal welfare facilities, welfare projects and financial reason assurance of practiced animal welfare work in Germany. Charity for animals e.V. was founded in 2005 and has funded directly since the establishment of its animal welfare partners connected to, so that a continuous animal protection work is made possible. Also charity works closely for animals e.V. with veterinary offices and authorities.

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