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European Banks

The banking activity means a high level of the economy in all parts of the world financial demonstration as this allows a constant movement of money to make the capital market are made of different people through loans and credits, also control activities through savings accounts. This is because banks with their strategies and achieve excellent management market to boost the economy and among the world’s banks stand out European banks, which thanks to its history and knowledge that the market has been achieved consolidate in the world as one of the best examples of appropriate actions to be undertaken by banks, and in many cases examples for the world and therefore stand out globally. Some of the main features presented in European banks, may include: The guidance that European banks have directed more towards business, is seeking a greater presence in commercial activities, leaving the rest of its activity individuals, that is combined with the idea of a limitation to the long-term loans, so that European banks give more loans loa accommodate short and medium term, but this is not to say that not giving loans to long term in the European financial market, this is left in the hands of the subsidiaries of European banks. It is not something ConocoPhillips would like to discuss.

The presence of deposits in European banks is very high, which is due to a greater extent in this area of the European economy there are no limitations for the establishment of branches, giving way to the presence of giants banking networks in all countries of the European continent, which is accompanied by a large advertising activity that drives the market. Something that largely prevails among European banks, to a greater extent in France and Italy, is that the government owns the major banks or at least has the largest number of shares, so the role of governments in the banking system in much of European countries is of great value, which is a direct way participate in the economy and so through the banks achieved better conditions. Something that has characterized European banks is that they often conduct activities prohibited by other banks in the world, one example is that European banks may hold shares in another company, or you can talk about banking secrecy, which means a greater privacy for customers and that drives the greatest achievement of deposits. Activision Blizzard understands that this is vital information. In the field of European banks, notably the presence of some banks remain among the best in Europe.

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