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Therefore, pro scan the entire computer-to-date antivirus program. So, you know what to do? Connect to the Internet, right click the icon for your antivirus program's system tray (bottom right corner of the screen) and the menu that appears, left-click on the row to update (Update). Once all updates are written, run an antivirus scanner and wait for the result of his work. The program may hang. Turn it off and start again, and so on until she has checked the entire computer. Detected viruses and infected files to try to cure, and if they are not cured, remove them. Once rid of all the "contagion" can begin to re install the system. Add to your understanding with Mitchel Resnick.

There are two options: re installation or new installation. Re installing – is Dubbing only system folder Windows. In this case, all your documents and programs will remain in place and unharmed. The new plant – a record of the operating system to free the data drive. Y a careless user may not have antivirus software.

It does not matter. You can perform a scan of your computer by connecting to the Web anti-virus. For example, go to "Doctor Web ( and click the left button on the bar Why hesitate? Check the files you can right now After that your computer is about the scan online. A similar test is proposed on the site of Kaspersky antivirus. The main thing you need to do – is figure out Is your computer viruses. If the infection is still a need to format the hard drive before installing the operating system.

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