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A unique opportunity for Spain. The prestigious fair CeBIT, in which average world is represented, and participates near 5000 companies, has named country invited to Spain. More than 80 Spanish companies they go to the fair that is celebrated all the springs. The minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Miguel Sebastin, in the official presentation of Spain as country protagonist in CeBIT 2010 emphasized: Great opportunity for Spain, by its technological impulse . PCTV updates their Web. It is beginning by the Spanish language, and already will translate his Web progressively to the main European languages. With a more modern design and one more a more intuitive navigation for the users, PCTV it has sent the new Web.

The Web site it is a space that it looks for to be nearer the consumer and who as much offers information of his product catalogue like of his last launchings. According to the company, these improvements respond to the use of the new technologies, and mainly, to adaptation of the needs of the present consumer. It allows not only to a major and easy update of the contents, the visualization in all the navigators and a better positioning. Clearer a virtual image so that clients and fans of the new technologies can sail by her or simply, to consult information of products with more rapidity and a simpler way. Simple escaparte in which photos of all products can be seen. Also it is possible to be unloaded from her, his software TVCenter 6.20.

The new Web is more functional and is more practice than ever. we have wanted to make it simple, visual and much more practical. Another one of the causes by which it has renewed is by the demand of the clients. We have harnessed the classification of products by continent, since different models of TV are followed. And within each of them by sections: hybrids, digitalises, satellite etc. . it puts at the disposal of the users who want to know all the details a product before acquiring it, and with the possibility of unloadings, as well as more technical information of different products. The Web offers all the information of its products and the corporative present time, with a section for hi-res photographies for the press.

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