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Diaz Science

The hipertrofia of the reason, according to Diaz-Rock (2009), generates one accented irracionalismo that provokes the closing of the canals to state the values and emotions, making with that aesthetic manifestations as the dance, the ritual and the art in a generalized manner are moved away from our daily life that more goes being filled each time for the utilitarian and purely alienator work. Such distanciamento (dichotomy) between science and so present art in our daily one, resulted of the culture occidental person, was not joined in the societies most remote, therefore ' ' the arts integrated the life of the human groups, impregnated in the rites, ceremonies and objects of the daily one. Science was exerted for healers or priests, being part in the mythical way of understanding and realidade' ' (MEC, 1997). According to Grn (1996, p.42) the consolidation of the rationalism in modern science separated the man of the nature, such dichotomy if it extended for the field of the education which stimulates the separation of the wisdom of science: ' ' Many of these to know expulsos of science were to know that they offered the possibility what today we call ' ' society ecologically sustentada' '. All a set of values had that to be denied so that the mecanicismo could if afirmar' ' Treating still on the closing/alienamento to the communication channels, characteristic fact of the culture occidental person based on the utilitarian and cientificista thought that culminated in what Duarte Jnior (2006, P. 69) called ' ' crisis of modernidade' ' characterized for disequilibria ambient, threats of accidents and nuclear wars, poisons and pollution stinking out the environment, effect greenhouse, hordas of hungry, without-land armies and without-ceilings, fanatismos, assaults, kidnappings, gratuitous violence, attempted against terrorist, mysterious and lethal illnesses, etc. The related author in the ones of some tracks of the reasons that lead to this closing: The act of the creation is deeply subversive: it aims at to modify the order (or the clutter) existing to print new a sensible one. .

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