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Democratic Justice

Perelman While the new name of rhetoric, says its relativity, since what can be considered reasonable in a society at a particular time can not be another company or in another era. We must recognize that it could not cope with the Democratic Justice, without establishing a pattern of expression, which tends to discourage, the restructuring of the highest known. For this reason it is taking the concept of a "rhetoric of nutrients" that part of the premises acquired by the analysis of them with the support of other premises, if necessary, to raise the concept of Democratic Justice study. And you do not agree with Perelman when he says that justice is presented as a confused concept? But ECO is a comment used to believe that a true positive effect of the rhetoric of nutrients in the concept of Democratic Justice: The first movement is effective: from purchased premises and arguments, criticize, review and make stylistic inventing cadences that, although according to some general trends of our system of expectations, in fact the richest. This means that the principle of excluded middle, expression of Aristotelian logic has never been out of the knowledge process of justice. To make a final decision on the merits in court proceedings, the judge only has two options: guilty or acquitted the accused. There are also, as part of a prayer room for ontic logic, these three fields of ontic prohibited, permitted and necessary to generate the start of the fourth excluded. They can be useful in understanding the values used by the magistrate, as principles of interpretation of the law, distributive justice, on the basis of the sentence, but in the end, the judge has no way out of the Aristotelian logic corrective justice, convicted or not convicted.

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