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Death Of The Spirit

Her friends began to see her silent, not wanting to go out and study with little spirit. First they talked among themselves to ask whether it should or not have a serious conversation with Tati, without being seen as intrusive and together they decided that they had to. Had never been so apathetic. It was like nothing I was awakened around your interest. At the first meeting in which the four were gathered to study, one of them began to ask what was happening. "I do not know," said Tati a "is not happening to me.

It is as if nothing interested me. No boy attracts me. I have no great desire to study. Even I have many desire to be united as we are now. "And on the other hand," replied her best friend Caitlyn, if you want to meet with Sebastian ardently, right? "If a " said Tati sorry a "do not understand why when I see it, the world changes around me. Everything takes another color.

Life seems different. That stupid right? -. "I would not call it stupid but love," said his friend as he propped his hand on her shoulder. "Love," Tati said a "love does not exist. The only thing that binds you to a partner is the passion that wakes up your hormones and when production is finished, just your desire to be at his side. Love is an invention of people want to stay together and raise a family.

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