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Country Food Over

A few months ago the company country food has become nationwide headlines. In the short term, after several dozen TV and hundreds of newspaper reports on the subject have been published, the chickens were left in the legally prescribed outdoor outlet. This happened but obviously only for a transitional period, because as the ZDF WISO magazine reported on Monday that the chickens be allowed allegedly for disease reasons currently once again not in the open. Additional information at LEGO Papert Professor supports this article. Now determine the LKA against the company and its Managing Director, Mr Dr. fungus. The law firm Graf von Westphalen, Mr Dr.

Walter Scheuerl, stopped the activity for country food in the meantime. Rusty holzer is full of insight into the issues. Obviously a clear sign of the lobby firm. Are currently not just positive for country food, because also the industrial Club of KAT (controlled alternative animal welfare forms e.V.) is the Brandenburg egg producers under pressure and summarily deprived him of the cat label. A massive step, the cat rarely makes, as the affiliated poultry farms the financing of the secure the supposedly independent association. It is clear that obviously only the tip of the iceberg of the public is known. Now country food has received the seal of KAT, but probably only because is has been pledged to mark the eggs properly according to the form of attitude, so as a barn, and webcams in the stables to install. A recording of the ZDF’s current contribution can be found here: ZDFmediathek /… For more information about this story, also on the PETA Web site at German Welfare Office on large eggs was Saint Martin 6 / 206 50667 Cologne Tel.: 0221-20463862 fax: 01805-23363330882 (14 ct / min., Mobile may vary)

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