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Locking, blocking, and labelling systems for safeguarding mechanical and electrical hazards for the safe protection of persons and equipment for safe operation during maintenance, to ensure the cleaning or maintenance of machines, be lockout locking systems or Tagout safety trailer used. These systems are used to prevent injury and damage to property. To prevent accidents in enterprises, various interlocking and labelling systems for electrical and mechanical hazards macro available in IDENT. Also in the program find the latching and locking systems for throttle, gas cylinder / gas cylinders, butterfly valves, ball valves, valves and universal barriers and pneumatic shut-off systems. Make visible dangers IDENT macro also features various trailers for the maintenance and followers with warnings and security trailers, trailers for machine identification. Security systems for scaffolding, ladder, more Equipment, forklifts and lifting devices. Flanges are also available as security-control systems for chemical hazards.

Safe complete of the individual interlocking and blocking systems are also a variety of different closing gate, locks and security locks with accessories available such as non-conductive locking hooks, nylon locking systems, standard, multiple – and massive closing bracket and safety locking bracket (blank or invisible). To accommodate the different locks, trailer, lockout systems, etc. obtained by various big lockout boards, stations, lock boxes and bags IDENT macro. “” As a tool for security managers two DVDs about macro are IDENT: Lockout/Tagout: the fundamental steps “and lockout for life”, which well explains the functioning of lockout/tagout. All lockout tagout systems comply with the legal regulations/directives of the EC and United States (89/655 + 1910.147), as well as the German (Betriebssicherheitsverordnung) guidelines for occupational health and safety to reduce hazards.

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